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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wish I was a battery

Ever notice how easy it is to feed off of negative?  Why don’t we feed that quickly off of positive?  I wish sometimes I could be a battery, where I could just flip myself around – moving the negative to the positive position – and voila, energy would return.

Seasonally speaking, it’s hard to stay positive when it’s dark, well, all the time it seems!  I haven’t wanted to run and I quite honestly just want to sleep.  I know this will pass; it does so every time we turn the clocks back.  I’m annoyed at having to gear up with all things bright:  a reflective vest, a blinking light and/or my headlamp, and a dose of courage to actually get out there amongst the crazy, high-beamed cars and the boogie man.

The holidays are creeping up fast, and although I enjoy them enough, I find them fraught with too much stress and frenzy.  Not for me directly, but for those around me - it’s catchy nonetheless.  I honestly don’t get too stressed about Christmas shopping or cooking for holidays.  I know my limits and I’m no chef.  So I do what I’m comfortable with and buy the rest.  I do enjoy shopping for family and friends, especially when I have special ideas.  When I find myself resorting to Plan B (the gift card), I get discouraged.  Don’t get me wrong, gift cards are great and I love receiving them.  It’s just when I have absolutely no idea for a gift for someone and have to go that route that bums me out.

I’ve got some other things brewing that are not feeling all that positive right now, but I actually don’t want this post to turn negative.  I just wanted to address the negative.  Make sense?  So, because I’m physically incapable of recharging myself literally as a battery, I would like to take steps to recharge myself figuratively.  First step, focus on the positive.  Second step, repeat First step.

And maybe, just maybe, I can turn some negative into positive and pay it forward J


  1. I hate the time change too! I find my mood dips when the sunlight dwindles as well. Then you add in snow and I have to try really hard to stay positive!!! I hope you can flip your battery Lisa!

  2. I started the flip today w/ a good run and a "free" Saturday :)

    Good luck with your battery charging as well.

  3. I know that feeling! I like that phrase - wish I could be a battery. :) I was more thinking energizer bunny when I saw the title though - not gonna lie. LOL!