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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Six Spontaneous Saturday

1. Running in shorts and NO mittens in late November….priceless.

2. My rosebush is confused.  Late November….one lone bloom.

3. Found a great book via Kindle, called “The No Complaining Rule”.  More to come on that!

4. Did you know that females can get hernias?  Also more to come on that!

5. Went iTunes shopping last night.  Did you know that there’s a HUGE difference between Pearl Jam’s songs “Just Breathe” and “Breath”?  Yeah, that’s $0.99 I can’t get back.

6. I’m now a strawberry blonde (tapping into my inner funky). Weeeeeeee!


  1. "Running in shorts and NO mittens in late November….priceless." - Could not agree more!!! Can't wait to hear more about the book!

  2. This late fall warmness is *awesome*!! I had an excellent 6 mile run on Thanksgiving. Love it! Stay away snow and ice!

    We had a day lily that bloomed all by its lonesome a few weeks ago--poor confused plant.

  3. No picture of the new hair?

    Lisa, iTunes is for suckers. You need to go to $.09 downloads. It is Russian, maybe not legal (who knows, but I haven't gone to jail yet), but totally cheap!!