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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Woof - A Guest Post by Bella

Hi, I’m Bella!
My human mama has been crazy busy lately, so she’s letting me guest post for her.  I thought I’d introduce myself and tell you about a day in the life of me, Bella.

I don’t ask for much.  A warm bed, regular meals, a few treats now and then, and some play.  OK, maybe some isn’t the right word.  LOTS of play. LOTS and LOTS of play.  I have terrific human parents who give me lots of love and attention and provide the kind of play that leaves me tired at the end of the day.  I’m almost 4 years old, but continue to act like a puppy – as I’m sure you all know.

I have lots of friends.  Just this morning, my boy toy Murphy came by to play with me.  Actually, I think he enjoys peeing in my yard even more than he enjoys serenading me.  But whatever, he’s kinda cute and he’s spastic, so we have fun.  My sister even lives right across the street from me – how lucky!  Her name’s Bauer and her mama got her just after mine got me.  I guess I was so cute that she had to have a yellow lab pup too.  Now we get to play together all the time.  She barks though.  A lot.  Gives my human parents and me a headache.  But we play tricks on her, so we get the last bark laugh.  For example, my human parents put my pool away for the winter, but Bauer continues to go over to that empty spot, walk around the area the pool used to sit, and plop down, expecting to be cooled off by the pool water.  It’s too funny for barks words.

Sometimes my human mama takes me along with her on her run, but honestly, I get bored.  She just wants to run straight for long periods of time.  Me?  I try to show her all the cool things I can smell or hear, like squirrels or dead frogs.  I guess I’ll just keep trying to show her what she’s missing.  For now, she takes me for a 1 mile jaunt, drops me off at home, and then she goes off to do her longer run.  We’re both happy.

My best times are when my human parents take me on the power line trail near our house.  I get to run free, climb some rock “mountains”, fetch some big sticks, and before we turn around to go home, I get to swim.  I love to swim!  My human dad throws the stick far upstream and I retrieve it every time.  There have been a few times where I’ve gotten stuck briefly in the thicket and my human dad has gotten nervous.  Afterall, he doesn’t want to have to jump in to save me.  And how would I ever explain that I, a Labrador Retriever, needed saving?  Bauer and Murphy would never let me live that one down.

Well, there you have it.  I hope you’ve enjoyed a brief peek into my canine world.  I’m not sure I get this “blogging thing”, since we dogs have a very easy way of getting to know other like minded dogs.  It involves sniffing butts.  Hey, it’s what we do.  Don't judge.


  1. I love the guest post by Bella!! You know I am totally on board with a dog post!! And thanks for getting to know me on my blog and not sniffing my butt. That was really cute Lisa!

  2. And now you know I can be a complete goof ball :)

  3. More dog envy going on here....It sounds like Bella has a great life, butt-sniffing and all.

  4. Just read your Cape marathon report. Great job! I am impressed that you chose a hilly course - I typically try to avoid them, LOL. Winds are so tough to manage on race day. I have never been able to learn how to draft, either. Great job staying strong. What's next?

  5. Thanks Ana-Maria! I know, it seems crazy to actually choose a hilly course, but it was a challenge I needed. The wind, on the other hand, was not invited to the party but came anyway :(

    I was able to qualify for Boston '12 AND lucky enough to make the registration cut off as well, so that's my next confirmed race. I'm flirting w/ Hyannis in February though.....

  6. Ha! I think Bella and Cassie would get along great. What is it with labs and running??? Cassie only gets to come on very short runs. :)
    I particularly love the pool story.

  7. Bellz!!!! Oscar is missing her something fierce, we'll need to come over for a puppy playdate soon!

  8. Yep, nothing better than watching the Lab/Pug waltz :)