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Monday, November 28, 2011

Having some blog design fun!

You likey?  Here’s a little context to go with the new pictures at the top of the page:

The picture on the left is of Scott and me at the top of Mt. Lafayette up in the White Mountains of NH.  It’s a decent day’s hike that traverses 3 peaks with some fantastic viewpoints.  That remains our favorite hike and we try to get up there as often as we can. 
I put aside my fear of heights for this awesome hike with my favorite guy!

The picture in the middle is also in NH, but this is at the top of Mt. Washington.  I shot this photo as I waited for Scott to run the Mt. Washington Road Race – you know, a mere 7 mile run UP the mountain (or 6288 feet high).  That day was a perfect weather day and I even got sunburned!  Some race days of past were cancelled or cut short because the weather was too dangerous.  I love how the clouds seem like a marshmallow sea.  I probably should’ve included the youtube of “Stairway to Heaven”, huh?
What's the big's only ONE hill!

Lastly, the picture on the right is of Scott and me at my first appearance at the Boston Marathon – as a runner!  ‘Nuff said J
Bustin' with excitement!

I hope you like the new design!  


  1. Looking good! I need a new design for my blog too..... just haven't had enough time to mess with it.

  2. Michelle, no kidding....I've been at this for HOURS!

  3. I love Mt. Washington! That race scares me though LOL. Nice job on the design. I started playing with mine and then got sidetracked...

  4. I like the new design. You know what we call 6228 feet mountains here...hills. Just kidding! That is quite the climb. You and Scott are so cute together! Love the pictures!

  5. Awesome new design! I admit - after reading about it in Runner's world - I kind of wanted to run the race up Mt. Washington. I know, I'm not normal. :)

  6. Thanks everyone! As I was looking at the Mt. Washington pix again after some time, I was thinking, "Maybe...." and then I woke up :) But you never know!

    I know Katie, hills/mountains/bumps are all relative!

  7. Hey, looks great! Beautiful pictures!