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Friday, December 2, 2011

I've been tagged :)

What perfect timing for me to be tagged by Average Girl Doing Average Things to list out 7 things about me that you may or may not know yet!  I’m not sure if there are any real rules to this, but even if there were, I’d probably rebel anyway J  Here we go:

1.  I’m a twin who is 6 minutes older than my twin brother.  In addition, my high school graduation class was comprised of just under 100 kids, yet had 5 sets of twins in it.  Yes, that’s greater than 10%!  Cool,  huh?

2.  I’m dying to explore Greece.  My step-father (who essentially raised us w/ mom) was born in Sparta, so it’s always seemed like such a romantic, faraway place.  I know just enough of the Greek language to be dangerous…..Some of my mastered words are:  How are you, Thank you, I love you, and Sh*t.  Yes, all the critical phrases.

3.  I’ve eluded to this in a previous post, but I’m really intrigued with the idea of running an ultra.  I have one in mind (in Maine), so just need to commit and create a plan of action. 

4.  Recently found out that we women can get hernias.  Who knew?  Apparently, it’s more rare than occurrences in men, but it does happen.  Going to go get it “repaired” soon, since they don’t actually cure it or remove it.  It’s going to put a little dent in my running for a week or two, and then I need to slowly ease back into it.  In a way, it’s perfect timing to discover this, since I’m not quite in Boston training mode yet.  Side story:  When the surgeon realized I’m more than a casual runner (I think he may've called me Kara Goucher), he revised his recovery program for me.  I chuckled though when he referred to me as a “serious hobbyist”.  His son is running a marathon soon, so I forgave him for that “hobbyist” label J

5.  When I paint (as in walls, ceilings, moldings), I do not need to use tape.  That’s right.  Steadiest hand in the East!  It saves me a lot of time, since I can just dive in and paint.  Don’t be too jealous….

6.  I’m a Young & The Restless addict.  And Soap City feeds that addiction by playing the days’ episodes in the evenings.  Guilty pleasure J

7.  I don’t text.  At all.  Drives my friends crazy, but seriously, I don’t need it.  Unless work requires it, I have no desire to be reached by one more technological avenue.  Cell, email, instant messaging, Facebook, my blog….oh, and there’s always the land line I still have!

OK, so let’s see who’s up next:


  1. I love these! Random facts are the best. And sorry about the hernia!!! I thought you got tagged with this when I did. That's why I didn't tag you when I did it. Oh and I am very impressed with the paining. I have to use tape and I still mess up the lines!! Have a great weekend Lisa!

  2. I like the random facts too :) And I was way behind on reading/writing, so this motivated me to write SOMETHING :)

    Enjoy your weekend too!

  3. I don't text much either unless there's a specific reason (like today trying to get back north and keep my husband up to date w/o calling him 60 times in 10 minutes). Most of the time my phone is off. Today I discovered a message from a friend on there that was 3 weeks old. Oops!

    Cool to learn these things about you!

  4. Random facts are awesome...and I'm still chuckling at the Hobbyist label. :)

  5. I SUCK at painting. Even when I use tape.... :p I have no patience to do it right. I just want it done now! lol

  6. Scott's the same way Michelle, so we're fortunate that painting & I get along so well :)

  7. Fun! I started running to lose weight by watching Days of Our Lives while I was on my treadmill. I'm not proud, just a 24 year closet addict! And it does give my husband something to tease me about! :)

  8. Hey Kathy, thanks for following! Seems we have at least 3 things in common: 1) soap operas, 2) running, and 3) a teasing husband :)

  9. Ugh - heal quickly! An ultra sounds like fun, well, in a crazy hard kind of way! Thanks for the shout-out!

  10. Thanks Tina! Will keep the ultra updates coming.....