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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Six Spontaneous Saturday

1.  Just wrapped up my 2011 running mileage:  1093 miles covered in 2011!!!!

2.  5 miles is still feeling a little hard….BUT
a)    At least I’m running again!
b)    At least I’m not even remotely aware of my incision or any hernia related issues (I know how to handle tight hamstrings, etc.  Potential surgery complications? Notsomuch).
c)    It’s all according to my pre-training plan J

3.  Runner’s World came through this year and sent me my new running log (we are their #1 subscribers after all).  Another symbolic wiping of the slate and opportunity for a fresh start.  What will 2012 bring for mileage, races, PRs???

4.  What’s the best thing one can do after a rainy, cold run?  Why, grab some beach pizza of course!  (If you’re not from the Northeast, my sympathies…..beach pizza equates to Tripoli’s pizza at Salisbury beach – yum!)

Great seating alongside the Atlantic Ocean - no reservation required!

5.  Got to do some of this grocery cart/carriage freestyling today – best way I can think of to play 8 again

6.  Final day of venturing out dressed in bubble wrap.    Until 12:01 a.m. tomorrow, we will make sure we’re protected by bubble wrap, since the company I left is one of the very few I know that doesn't cover benefits through the last day of the month in which one terminates.  But I’m not that bitter.

Lady Gaga might be onto something here


  1. Good luck with your final hours in bubble wrap! That pizza sounds might yummy. And so glad the run felt good! Happy new year!

  2. Happy New Year Lisa! WIshing you an awesome 2012! Glad you are back out on the road.

  3. You crack me up! I love you, sweetie, Happy New Year!!!

    Love ~ Me

  4. Our Salisbury beach pizza is the other one--shit I can't remember the name. Thin crust, sauce and one slice of provolone. It's a girls name I think. Anyhoo, happy new year!!!

  5. Let me know when you're out of the bubble wrap :) 2012 is going to be a kick ass year for you!!

  6. Phew, no more need for bubble wrap - we're rejoining the insured population! Thanks for all the New year wishes - back at ya!

    Michelle: Your Salisbury pizza is "Christy's" :)

  7. I got a new training log for Xmas myself and just started filling it out--a very good feeling. And congrats on day one of no bubble wrap.