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Thursday, December 8, 2011


A number of times, my friend Meaghan has had to decipher text phrases for me, since I’d never texted.  She or others would use some of these text phrases like “idk” or “kwim” and I would be found scratching my head.  I’ve come a long way since those early days and now can decipher most text phrases without assistance.  Good thing too, since…..

I just got an iPhone.   With texting.  Unlimited.  Whoa.

And I gotta say, it’s kinda fun!  No longer do I need to wait for the slower email to reach its destination.  No longer do I have to be a wall flower in the texting dance.  And this Face Time capability?  How cool is that!  The personal assistant Siri takes a little getting used to, but having an e-personal assistant has a nice ring to it (pun intended).

So it looks like this non-texting chic is easily embracing texting after all these years.  I always felt like I didn’t need another avenue for people to contact me and was afraid if I did start texting, I wouldn’t have control over that.  But guess what?  I can turn my iPhone off just as easily as my previous cell phone.  Fascinating.

What will not change, however, is my grammar.  I cannot promise that, in a rush, I won’t occasionally use a “U” instead of “you”, but I prefer not to.  I’m proud of my firm grasp of all things grammar and punctuation.  And now is not the time where I want to let my brain get lazy and stop trying to remember anything on my own.  Now is the time to challenge my brain to keep it sharp and continue to practice good grammar.  And whether it’s an email or a Facebook post, I want my words and phrases to reflect a brain that is still intact and remembers spelling, vocabulary, sentence structure, and meaning.

So idk I thk I lik ths txting thng, kwim?  jk…….  J


  1. SHRIEK! I'm so excited!! And the last line of this post had me LOL...;)

  2. How very exciting. I am not a huge texter but it comes in handy with some relatives that like to keep me on the phone for hours, so I typically text instead of calling.

    Can somebody please tell me what kwim, stands for?

    Have fun playing around with your phone.
    The apps are very cool, there is an app called yoga for runners that's very good. I use it almost daily to make sure I stretch.

  3. Hm, I probably am the last person on earth who does not text!

  4. Congrats on the iphone! I'm with you on the grammar thing - I think I'm the only person in the planet that insists on a full keyboard on my phone because it's the only way I'll actually text. Ha! Help this text-challenged chick out - KWIM?

  5. Confession: I had to google KWIM. I only started texting this year too, but I can't go back. I don't know how you can possibly read my blog is good grammar is important to you!

    Welcome to the world of texting Lisa!

  6. All: KWIM = Know What I Mean :)

    Ana-Maria: I thought I'd die a non-texter. Who knew....

    Jill: Thanks for the yoga app suggestion. What a great idea to remind one to stretch. I'm totally deficient in that area.

    Mandy: Grammar snobs...unite!!!! Hee.

    Katie: OMG, your blog is, by far, one of my favorites. I may be a grammar snob, but I'll take substance over form any day :)

  7. *love* the texting! Welcome you text-virgin, you! Lol. Although I didn't know what kwim meant either. Neither does my iPad because it auto corrected to keon. (I don't know what that is either....).

  8. it Michelle!

  9. Fun! I love my iphone, even if I don't have all the lingo down, one whole year later. You'll love yours too