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Monday, December 26, 2011

Time is on my side…..yes, it is

I had to credit the Stones with
my blog post title

It’s very cool when timing seems to be on your side and you can quickly see that you’re doing exactly what you should be, at the right time, in the right way.

Although the weather was perfectly conducive to local travel on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, it finally got cold and slick today.  With a few of us traveling locally over the holiday weekend, it was comforting that no one had to risk a slippery drive while visiting friends and family.  This morning, however, produced a black ice wonderland.  As I headed out to run, I realized I was going to have to watch my footing.  Some sections of the roads had almost no traction.  The good timing about this is that I still have no business going fast or far, since it’s only my second run post-surgery.  So the conditions did their part to ensure I kept a slow, steady, stay-on-my-feet pace.  And had the road conditions considered providing any wiggle room, my running watch sealed the deal…..

My watch has seen better days

Yep it's true, I did grab my watch this morning to see where my pace is right now.  And it immediately snapped into 3 pieces.  I just wanted to assess a baseline.  No really….  OK, fine - don’t believe me.  The "time" part of the watch still works (i.e. chrono), so of course I could have carried my watch in my pocket.  Instead, I decided to take it as a sign.  I left for my run, sans watch and sans any time concerns. 

4 miles at a pace that worked for me versus against me - YEAH!   Now, where did I leave that duct tape…..


  1. Catching up on blogs post-Xmas!

    Good for you running w/o the watch. I've been leaving my Garmin behind more and more because I figure at this point in my training my pace isn't going to improve much anyway and running by feel will help more in my race.

    Congrats on the new job!! So exciting--great way to begin the new year (that and being able to run again!).

  2. Hey Terzah! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas :) Sounds like you've got your head ready for the race - can't wait (for you).

    Thanks for the congrats. I'm pretty excited and itching to dive in - to both the new job and running.

  3. Good job not letting the ice get in your way! I had a somewhat nice 4 miles today. Way too many neighbors didn't bother to shovel their sidewalks so the ice patches were a real bear. I made sure to pretend to slip and yelp anytime I passed a naughty neighbor outside. :)

  4. Yay for your first post-surgical run! I didn't venture out yesterday--too much snow and ice. We swam instead. :)

  5. Kathy - LOVE the pretend slip! No better way to send a message to those naughty neighbors :)

    Michelle - Swimming sounds like a perfect Plan B!! Hopefully next time you're back in the area, I'll be able to keep up on a run with you!

  6. doh, that is a sign of a well worn watch!! I actually bought the soft Garmin strap and it's been worth it for me.

    It would probably be good for mine to break so I would head out without it

  7. Ooh, good to know (about the soft strap)...thanks Amanda! Yeah, sometimes it's hard to leave the watch behind, but usually it pays off big dividends when you need to take some of that pressure off.

  8. CONGRATS on the 4 miler - WOOOP!! And HILARIOUS about the watch. Weird how things work, right? Nice work!

  9. Thanks Meaghan :) to use my Whirlaway gift card to apply to a new watch today!