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Friday, July 22, 2011

New Running Partner

5:40 a.m. was still not early enough to run in this heat wave.  And for me, getting up that early to run is right up there with an Act of God or Congress.  I know most of the country is suffering along with me, so I won’t rant and rave too much about the heat.  It’s gross, it’s hard to breathe, and honestly, I’m tired of the air conditioning.  I did have some unexpected company this morning in the form of a new running partner that distracted me a little bit from the heat.

Shortly into my run, New Running Partner (NRP) quietly joined me.  It annoyed me that NRP didn’t seem to be sweating or laboring as badly as I was.  In fact, NRP was doing circles around me.  No matter how hard I tried to run to create some space between us, NRP was always right there…taunting me.  Who is NRP?  Here, let me introduce you –

The dreaded horse fly.  Yes, NRP was an annoying, taunting, and biting horse fly.  I couldn’t shake him!  He (or one of his posse) stuck with me throughout my 5 miles.  If it wasn’t bad enough that the temperature was already in the 80’s with humidity at 73%, now I had to expend more energy in swatting at and cursing this flying beast.

I swear he was laughing at me too.  It was tough holding onto a 9 minute mile pace this morning, which is slow enough for horse flies to land briefly enough to BITE.  OUCHHHHH!

I think the only thing that saved me from the big red welts horse flies are famous for leaving behind was that my skin was so drenched from sweat, he probably slid right off of me!

Horse Fly


  1. "right up there with an Act of God or Congress" - love it! I'm not a fan of being up that early either, but it seems a necessity these days. Great job getting the run done despite your annoying running partner!

  2. Thanks Michelle. I was determined to get this run in!

  3. I was up about that time today, too! That's one fit fly - able to stay with you for 5 miles!

  4. I'm with ya on the early thing. I have friends who run at 5:00 am consistently, but I'm too lazy to join them. I run solo instead to get that extra hour of sleep. Now that my long run is getting longer, I'm dreading having to get up earlier - ouch!

    I think I would have been totally C R A Z Y after 5 miles. I can't stand anything buzzing around me or near my ears, especially biting things.

    Nice pace on that 14 miler.