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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Running – a world where there’s room for everyone!

The norm for one of my friend's running attire includes mis-matched socks.  It’s just a given.  In fact, I would check her for feverish delirium if she arrived ready to run with matching socks.  I am more of the matching sock kinda girl, which makes my running attire a little interesting today.  I have 2 odd socks and I’m going to have to go with it.  Regardless of my sock choice, I’m just another runner amidst my running world.

Running is a sport where one can be free thinking and creative.  I observe runners with mis-matched socks and with perfectly matched outfits (including socks).  I observe runners whose workouts include creative repeat sessions on a highway overpass – looks a bit odd, but I recognize that they’ve got some routine that helps them in their workout.  I observe super fast runners and the slower, sometimes newbie, runners.  Running embraces all kinds of people, all kinds of outfits, all kinds of speeds, all kinds of forms/gaits, and all kinds of attitudes.

I love the running world.  For all of the individual and unique differences that make up the whole, the running world accepts everyone.  Size, speed, ethnicity, race, and religion - these differences are all welcome and blend nicely in a complementary array of colorful running-wear, including mis-matched socks.  

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the greater world accepted such differences in each other as easily as the running world?


  1. mis-matched socks today!?!? I just shed a single tear. So proud. I also love the running world - great post L!

  2. So true - I do love how broad, diverse and, yes accepting the running world is!