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Friday, July 1, 2011

Muffin tops for everyone!

It’s Gingerbread Construction Company muffin Friday!

Usually, I rant about the steady stream of cakes, cookies, and muffins that seem to have permanent employment at my company.  Many in my department reward themselves for surviving each week by bringing in goodies.  Today was no different.  And truly, whatever works for them is fine with me.  I join in once in awhile, but if I joined in every time, I’d likely start resembling a muffin top.

Today however, I looked forward to that special gingerbread muffin I knew was awaiting my inhalation.  So much frosting, so much gingerbread-love……

Normally fearful of the dreaded muffin top, this was one muffin top I savored and was sad to see go….