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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Redneck Roller

It’s been a humbling week for my legs.  Very few miles, lots of stretching and Advil, and lots of stern lectures to my calves.  Well, maybe that’s not entirely accurate.  Maybe my calves were giving the stern lecture to my head!  In retrospect, I see exactly how my calves got so cranky, so now I just have to ease back in.

Got a 4 miler in this morning and felt pretty good.  I did plan a couple of stretch stops, which definitely didn’t hurt (hoping it helped).  I also bumped into a neighbor who, after excitedly telling me about his upcoming Spartan race in a few weeks, encouraged me to use a roller on my calves.  I don’t own an official roller, so he offered up the idea of using a rolling pin – which I’ve dubbed my Redneck Roller.  Wow, it felt really good!  I’ll do it again in a little while, but first am going to get my butt out on my patio and ice.  I figure I can’t whine if I don’t at least try to do the right things, right? 

Hoping to still be able to get a longer run in tomorrow, but will try to find the least hilly route possible.  No need to piss off the calves any further.  And I will use my Redneck Roller for sure.  Redneck Roller…, I should market that.  I’m a genius.

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