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Friday, July 15, 2011

Things that made me smile today

  • My Scott 
  • It’s Friday
  • It’s sunny and NOT humid
  • I saw a puppy being walked – and he had a stick in his mouth that was twice the size of him
  • A freebie Gingerbread Construction Co. muffin for breakfast
  • I’m able to eat aforementioned Gingerbread Construction Co. muffin guilt-free because my metabolism says so
  • My favorite Thai food for lunch - Chicken Ginger
  • Thinking about going to cheer on my favorite almost-6-year-old when she participates in her first kids triathlon tomorrow!  How cool is that!

P.S.  It wasn’t all sunshine today, but I’ll leave the details of Bella’s untimely bowel explosion while we were at work off the list of “things that made me smile today”.  The poor thing was so sick……  Now I’m trying to clean up without her seeing me (she just seems like she feels bad).  But I can add that what makes me smile from this mess is that she ate her delicacy of hamburg and rice, so that’s a good sign J
Bella, sleeping it off under the kitchen bar

This Cinderalla must get back to cleaning the floors….


  1. Oh, your poor pup! And to know they feel guilty about making the mess--that just breaks your heart!! Hope she's feeling better.

    A kids triathlon--how cool! Have a great weekend!

  2. Thanks Lisa, she seems better today. I just left her for 3 hours to attend the Kids Tri and returned to a clean house. Phew!