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Friday, July 29, 2011


And I’d been on such a good roll lately with my training….[cue the ace bandage]

OK, not to panic.  I still have 92 days until my marathon.  I’ve pissed off strained my Achilles/calf before, so know the leg will rally with a little bit of TLC.   The bummer is that I’m watching my mileage, my energy, and my eating habits go right out the window…..[cue the donut]

Whenever I’m not running well (whether because of attitude or injury), I tend to throw nutrition to the wind.  I love junk food anyway, as can be proven by past posts, but running/training tempers my constant craving for sugary junk food.  I also think twice when planning meals prior to a long run.  For example, hotdogs are not a good pre-long-run food and several glasses of wine…..well, ‘nuff said.

So, I will continue to keep the leg wrapped, stretch, take my Advil, bribe Scott for calf massages, and test the running waters again this weekend.  Wdkls bhe lushk!  (Uhm, that was “Wish me luck!” with my mouth full of donut).  Don’t judge.

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