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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Top 10 things NEVER to do on a run

10. Never wear only a white running bra in the heat – unless you WANT the attention
9.   Never take a handful of Motrin or Excedrin
8.   Never perform snot rockets into the wind

7.   Never try to out run the cyclists – they’ll win every time
6.   Never swear at your support person – you might need them further up the road
5.   Never talk with a mouthful of GU
4.   Never use a non-authorized water stop in a marathon (garden hose water = yuck!)
3.   Never stash a bottle of water overnight in the winter – instant popsicle
2.   Never believe a spectator when they cheer, “You’re almost there!”

And the #1 thing never to do on a run…..(drum roll please).......

1.  Never use ANY type of leaves as toilet paper in a pinch.  2 words:  POISON.IVY.


  1. Those are great - especially #1! And, why do people cheer "You're Almost there" - does that really motivate anyone?

  2. They are clearly non-runners....but I do get that they mean well :)

  3. You could probably include "spitting into the wind" with the snot rockets. I ALWAYS make sure to look over my shoulder before I spit (and, disgustingly, I spit a lot when I'm running) so as not to accidentally plaster another runner in the face. EWWW!

  4. Oh crap. I've done almost every single one of them. Not sure what that says about me ;)

  5. OH no! I hope you aren't speaking from experience? =) Great advice!!!

  6. I speak mostly from the observer's point of view :)

  7. Speaking from unfortunate experience, some leaves are okay, but poison ivy is NOT a good choice. (How was I to know? It was the middle of the night, pitch dark, an overnight camping trip I will never forget, and I could have sworn there were five leaves on that sucker!)

  8. Oooh Amy, sounds like it's still fresh in your memory banks. My sympathies!