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Monday, September 19, 2011

All signed up and nowhere to go….

Like many others taking part in this last wave of Boston registration frenzy, I have now registered.  It’s official – I’m nowhere near being an official entrant.

With a full week to wait until I hear if my time is fast enough to squeak through the magnified lens of the BAA, I contemplate what my first official Boston as a qualified runner will feel like.  I’ve been very lucky to run this marathon twice, but something about having reached the goal of the BQ (cue heavenly light beams)….  I deserve this no more or less than the rest of the salivating qualified runners, but here are a few reasons I really, really, really, really want to run the 2012 running of the Boston Marathon:

- I love it….the energy, the course (yes, even the downhills), the anticipation.
- The BQ element (I know, I’m obnoxious in my overstating...forgive me, I’m excited!)
- Scott’s running it – family affairs are fun!
- This year’s race has some key numbers in it:    116th running of the race, held this year on 4/16

99.9% of you are thinking, so what’s up with the last bullet?  6 is my absolute favorite and luckiest number.  I’ve got tons of 6’s in my birthday, I was born 6 minutes ahead of my twin @ 6 lbs, my younger brother was born 6 days later (on the calendar), I graduated in 2006 as part of the 66th commencement at my college… goes on and on (please, no devil comments!).  It makes perfect sense that I should run this year’s Boston, right? J

Now you know how I will spend the next 5 days…..waiting for word of either acceptance or [gasp] not, and counting the 6’s that float in and out of my life.  6’s bring me good karma, so I’m hoping that’s how BAA rolls….


  1. I can't even imagine how it would feel to get a BQ and then having to wait to find out if that BQ is good enough. I will be anxiously awaiting to hear if you get in. Congrats on the BQ that is totally amazing, you rock.

    I plan to run for a charity this year. Last year was my first marathon the Boston Marathon and I ran for charity. I want to relive that day over and over again minus my screaming IT Band.

    Good Luck!

  2. C'mon 6s! I'm weird with numbers too. :)

    I so hope you get in... I can't imagine BQing and not getting in... crossing my fingers for you Lisa and excited to hear the news!

  3. Fingers and toes crossed for you!!

  4. The whole concept of actually BQing and still having to wait to see if you get in is more than I can wrap my head around! Wishing you much luck from the running gods....'c'mon sixes!

  5. Too bad you don't have to wait 6 days... :)
    Good luck, my fingers are crossed for you!!

  6. It's definitely a timing issue (no pun intended) that I qualified the year they turned the BQ process on its head. On the bright side, I still got to capitalize on the 4:00 qualifying time for this year. Next year's a whole different story...

    Thanks for all the good luck wishes!! You know I'll give an update as soon as I know :)

  7. Hi Lisa! Thanks so much for all your supportive comments recently on my blog. They haven't gone unnoticed--I just have been slow to reply to everyone after coming out of my pre-race state of insanity and disorganization. :^)

    Wow, so exciting and nerve-wracking about your wait. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!! Next year is indeed a different story--sigh.

    That's funny about the sixes. Sounds like you are a twin. Is your twin a brother or a sister? I have boy/girl twins. I just had to buy them both Lightning McQueen PJs because my girl likes "Cars" as much as my boy does. We joke in our house that we have an old married couple living there, but it's not Dan (my husband) and me--it's Will and Ruthie.

    If you get a chance, post sometime about your BQ race (which I'm guessing happened before you started your blog). I'm obsessed with reading the BQ stories of others. :^)

  8. I hope you get good news!!!!

    Gotta hate going through the new BQ rigamarole.... Pffft!

  9. Hey Terzah, thanks for following me! I've got a twin brother - sounds like it's easier BEING a twin than it is RAISING twins :)

    Thanks also for your interest in my BQ race. I'm happy to relive that experience...stay tuned!!

  10. I hope you get good news!!! :D