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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Boston’s a-comin’

For the first time evah (quick display of my finest Boston accent),I am qualified to run Boston.  I’ve run the prestigious race twice now, but both were via special application.  You know, the kind where you have to trade your first born for.  Or at least a $300 application fee.  This year, a magical combination of turning 45 and having that 45-year-old BQ time grandfathered for 2012, provides me this opportunity.  Next year, everything changes as I, along with everyone else chasing the elusive qualifying time, must run 5 minutes faster in order to qualify.

So now that I’m here, the question is:  Will I get in?

The BAA has a helpful calculater on their website to help us determine which date to register.  Or attempt to register.  Last year’s record registration left us all scratching our heads.  Who knew the race would fill in just under 9 hours?  Who knew so many people would commit at such an accelerated pace to run a race 6 months out?  Well, we all know now, don’t we.  There’s a reason the site states, “If space remains after the first week of registration…”  Which is why I might need a Plan B for the Spring.

There’s nothing like having a Spring marathon on the agenda.  It provides just enough pressure and motivation to run through the cold New England weather; battle the snow, the ice, and the darkness that never seems to end.  If I can’t get into Boston, I’ll be disappointed of course.  But I will still run a Spring marathon.  And regardless of my Boston registration success or failure this year, I’m humbled to have run it twice now and proud that I can say that this mere mortal, middle of the pack, 45 year old has attained the ultimate BQ - for this year anyway!

Good luck to everyone trying to register this month!


  1. Sending you good Boston vibes!! xoxoxo

  2. Good luck Lisa! You are so FAST!!! Can't wait to hear the news that you got in!

  3. Yes, hoping you get in!!!!And having a spring marathon definitely helps get through those winter months, although it is different here in the south because running in the winter is so much warmer than Maine. There are still those cold days, bundled up but you don't have to worry about ice and snow with slipping, etc. I am toying with Austin in late Feb. or Nashville. So fun to always think about...the next one:)

  4. Good Luck! I hope you get in! I don't think I will ever be fast enough for Boston so I like to cheer on those who are!!

  5. Good luck!! I hope to run Boston one day soon!