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Thursday, September 15, 2011

I want to leave this world exhausted

I heard this statement on the radio recently.  Though I don’t recall what it was in reference to, it has stuck with me.  With a finite time on this earth, I too want to be so engrossed in and so engaged in the living that I am thoroughly exhausted when I leave this world.  

I’m not anxious to leave this world quite yet, but here are some ideas to achieve this –

Get moving

Get thinking

Get loving

Get laughing

Get playing

Get singing

Get dancing

Get writing

Get learning

Get adventurous

Get strong

Get living

And when all THAT is accomplished, then….

Get tired....

A good, fulfilling, satisfying tired.


  1. What an absolutely fabulous mantra to live by! Love it!

  2. Hi Lisa--Thanks for your good wishes on my blog! It IS always the way that the cold comes right when you least need it (not that we ever need it). But it's not going to stop me.

    Looking forward to catching up with your blog after this race is done.

    I certainly plan to finish life in a good well-earned tired state. :^)

  3. I've got two kids you can borrow if you want to get exhausted! Just kidding! Great list and a great way to live life! Love it!

  4. Aw, thanks so much for continuing to read my posts!

  5. I have some exhaustion you can borrow :) Love this.

  6. Thanks for the news about the frost! I need to start checking the weather for Maine soon. Last I heard, someone was complaining about humidity there - something I really don't need during a marathon!

  7. Hey Amanda, yeah, it's pretty cool huh? Wish I had thought of it, but I'll gladly adopt it as something to live by :)