Life's little adventures, accompanied by a running watch

Friday, September 30, 2011


My brain is full.  I have no more disk space.  The noise is so loud…..

No, I’m not cracking up.  And no, I’m not in need of any medication.  And no on the padded room either J I think I just need a really long run to quell the noise in my head.  And maybe a little sunlight too.  And if I’m not being too greedy, some solid sleep would be great too, thanks.

Running wise, I’m doing the right thing by resting and easing back into it.  The legs are healing and I feel ready to attempt a longer run this weekend.  Yay me!  But life wise, wow……the absence of running sure has impacted my sanity lately.  It doesn’t help that October is one of those chalk full months, where every weekend is filled to the rim.  I don’t mean to complain, because honestly, it means I have a life!  Running just reminds me to breathe and acts as free therapy and/or free Prozac, allowing me to enjoy the busy-ness October is preparing to bring on.

For October, we have –

  • Scott’s marathon weekend
  • Meaghan’s marathon (I’m sadly not catching a flight to Chicago, but will be fully engaged remotely!)
  • The Mike Donohoe 5K race – we’re on the race committee and will dedicate the day to this great event
  • Weekend away with Mom – looking forward to this, as we haven’t spent much time together recently
  • My marathon weekend – EEEEK!

Then, add a recently more crazed work atmosphere, a new office (yay) with no window/sunshine (boo), and the normal household and Bella related “stuff”.  It’s all good; it’s just that I’m accustomed to a little more breathing room.  And running, which again, reminds me to breathe.

I’ll get through it; I always do.  Maybe I just need to block off time to breathe on the calendar…. 


  1. You'll get through, and although busy, it's all GREAT stuff you have going on in October! DEEEEPPP BRREEATTHHH.. Or maybe take yoga w/ me?? ;)

  2. I did pause as I read about your yoga experience, especially since I can't touch my toes either. Sad.

  3. I know that feeling!!! You'll get through it!

  4. We are all stressing right now so hang in there. I always feel ike I am juggling a million things and I have to tell myself the same thing :)

  5. I think of running as cheap prozac too! Hope you can start running again soon!

  6. Thanks all :) It being Friday is already helping....