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Thursday, September 22, 2011


We all know how important it is to properly prepare for a big event.  A party requires cooking up delicious food.  An exam requires hours of studying.  A marathon requires weeks of running miles and a sufficient taper.  The taper provides the much needed rest a few weeks prior to the big day and includes shorter distances and less intense workouts for the most part.

So, who says we can’t have TWO tapers?

Here I am, 39 days from my marathon, feeling like many runners training for a Fall marathon:  slightly broken.  This training season has been, by far, the best one ever.  I’ve pushed harder in the number of miles and the speed at which I've run those miles.  That speed element is what lies behind my “broken-ness”.  I can’t complain much, but it is a bummer.

Presently, my right calf has a big, black bruise on the “meaty” part of it.  My Achilles are still pulling at the slightest movement.  Worst of all, my shins are screaming.  And the screams come even at rest.  I haven’t had shin splints since running cross country in high school.  I guess this is my private high school reunion.

OK, so not to panic.  I’ve definitely had a couple of days this week where I thought, “All this great training and now I can’t run?”, but I refuse to stay there too long.  I’ve got 2 long runs left before my official taper, so although this week is not panning out as originally thought, I’m reframing my picture.  It’s a little early to be tapering, so I now dub this period my Pre-Taper.

My Pre-Taper is consisting of….
  • Resting
  • Icing
  • Stretching
  • Massage
  • Visualization of a fantastic race day
  • Pushing negative thoughts out of my head (I will heal!)
  • A slower pace when I do resume running

….which I hope will all lead to a solid last long run and well-earned official taper in the next few weeks!

So don’t be too jealous of my Pre-Taper, but if it goes well, feel free to borrow this concept.  After all, it’s better than wallowing in injury-land and losing all of my blog followers!


  1. You're going to come back stronger and healthier than ever. And more hungry for this marathon. I have no doubt.

  2. You are not alone in burn out land! I am feeling it too and I am only doing a half!! I hope the pre-taper goes well and you are back to running hard in no time!

  3. Thanks guys! Comes with the territory, I know. Gotta keep on keepin' on :)

  4. I think that's a great idea! Always better to rest a bit when feeling broken...then miss your race. I hope the pre-taper is what you needed and you come back stronger than ever!

  5. wishing you all the best so you can be tip top shape on race day!

  6. I'm sure all your good wishes will help - thanks everyone!!

  7. Hope your legs are feeling better today. No fun having shinsplits during training!

  8. Thanks Tina. BTW, we're getting the last of the humidity out of the way for you up here, so you get a nice crisp day at Portland :)