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Saturday, August 20, 2011

20 miler, 20 ounces, 20 reasons to keep going…..

“20 miler” is pretty self explanatory.  “20 ounces” might need some context…

This morning was my first 20 miler of this training season and Meaghan’s second.  It was warm and humid early on, only to get hot and humid before we were done.  No worries though; for I planted two water stops along the way.  Turns out, we would need a bigger boat fluid source!

Halfway through the run, the heat was getting to us both.  You know that woozy feeling you get when your head decides that running is a terrible idea, even though your legs keep working.  Yep, that’s the feeling.  The 10 mile mark was the home of the first water stop.  The guardrail along the street was supposed to serve only as a good place to stash the badly needed water and Gatorade.  Today however, the guardrail also served as a chair.  For me.  Meaghan took the pavement.  What?  We’re sitting?  We got up and headed toward the second water stop at mile 15.

After our water stop at mile 15, Meaghan suddenly needed a Coke – or some soda with full sugar and bubbles.  Fortunately, we were running through Governer’s Academy at that point.  There has to be a coke machine somewhere, right?  Problem was, neither of us had a dime on us.  And clearly, we’d need at least $1.50.  Never fear, Meaghan’s here!  “Excuse me….”

Yep, as a girl rode by us on her bike, Meaghan waved her down.  “Excuse me, you’re going to think this is crazy, but….”  Our new friend Lisa-on-the-bicycle would save the day!  She dashed off to her apartment and fetched a dollar and some change and flew back to us.  She seemed stunned that we were running 20 miles.  I was stunned at how nice she was and how apologetic she seemed that she couldn’t give us more.  Really good karma over at Governer’s, really good karma.

We dashed into the air-conditioned Student Center (gotta remember that air-conditioned part next time) to find a glorious vending machine.  No Coke products, but plenty of 20 ounce bottles of Mountain Dew!  After filling Meaghan’s water bottle with the sugar-filled, highly caffeineted, bubblicious soda, I took a couple swigs myself and we were both feeling the jolt we needed.  Hats off to Lisa-on-the-bicycle.  You rock!!

We finished, and we got a good story out of it.

Lastly, the 20 reasons to keep going today –

  1. ‘Cuz we could
  2. We had nothing better to do
  3. We ate/drank to prepare for 20 miles
  4. 20’s are supposed to be hard
  5. We’re tough
  6. Our tans were fading before today
  7. There was a breeze during mile 20 (wouldn’t have wanted to miss that!)
  8. Good practice for gutting it out in our marathons
  9. Used enough body glide for 20 – wouldn’t want that to go to waste
  10. Good practice to identify where to apply future body glide (guess I missed a spot)
  11. Good mental practice
  12. Important for our confidence
  13. Important for our stamina
  14. Important for our sanity
  15. Scott would’ve gotten ultra worried if we hadn’t finished
  16. Blogging about a 17.5 mile long run just wouldn’t feel right
  17. Nothing better than the 20 mile feeling in your legs
  18. Nothing better than a 20 mile “therapy session” with a friend
  19. A Century cycle ride covered the same route as ours (couldn’t look bad in front of all those cyclists!)
  20. Our new friend Lisa-on-the-bicycle sacrificed $1+ for the Mountain Dew to ensure we keep going!  We had to keep going to make her proud :)

Here's wishing all of you either a Lisa-on-the-bike or a lemonade stand when you need it most!!


  1. AWESOME story!!! You guys are unbelievable!

  2. wow! you guys are tough! I just made it back home from planting my waters and gatorade for Sunday's 20 miler, and I drop them every 2 miles in the summer, every 3 miles in the winter. I would DIE before 10. I'm a HEAVY sweater, so I must hydrate like crazy. I'm jealous!

    I know that craving well, tomorrow after my run I MUST have a diet soda, love the fizz.

    I'm hoping I don't need those 20 reasons tomorrow, but should I need them, I hope I can find 20 reasons to keep going too. (I did race a 5k today, so it will be a tough run for sure)

  3. We both carry for those first 10 miles, so we're not THAT tough :) My friend and my husband are both very heavy sweaters as well, so I totally get that.

    Have a great 20 miler!!!

  4. Thanks biggest fan!

  5. I had a dream w/ Lisa in it Saturday night. No lie. Hilarious. Thanks for being so awesome, I'm so lucky. xoxoxoxo..

  6. Wow! Lisa on the bicycle is a hero to runners everywhere!

  7. You ain't kidding lizardruns!

    Tina - I love #21!!!

  8. Governor Dummers in Newbury? Just curious--my hubs is from Byfield....

  9. Itlindian, thanks for following me!

    It is indeed Governor Dummer's (newly renamed as Governor's Academy). We're so lucky to live in such beautiful your area too :)

    Ready for Irene????

  10. Do you remember when they put up a sign and spelled academy wrong??? It was pretty funny. Academie. Haha. Are you running the all women one lucky guy race out of newburyport in nov? I'm pretty sure I am as it goes kinda by my inlaws.

  11. I do remember that awkward misspelling! How embarrassing for such a posh school.

    Ya know, I haven't thought past my October marathon, but I'll definitely take a look at it.

    I'll reach Newburyport on my long run tomorrow (Scotland Road industrial park). I'm racing Irene's arrival :)