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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Random Happenings

What’s harder than having a running pre-injury?  Getting your head back into the game and convincing it not to be afraid to take the first step.  I still think my strategy of nipping this pre-injury in the…..achilles….is working.  I have almost no pain now and no tension in the calf.  Last week, I had such a tight sensation in my calf by the end of the day that I felt like it would snap.  On a good note, I discovered my rolling pin is more valuable to my muscles than it is for baking bread (sorry Mom!).  On a bad note, I feel tentative about getting back out on the roads.  And OK, I’m cranky too.

While mapping out a long run for the weekend, I’ve taken special care to avoid most hills.  After all, a combination of increased speed, distance, and ridiculous hills all in one run is what got me into this predicament.  So, calves/Achilles, fear not…..we’re going flat.  I have heard you loud and clear.

I spectated at Yankee Homecoming Road Race this week, cheering on my friend Meaghan and bumping into lots of friends and neighbors also running in either the 5K or the 10 Mile race.  It was unusually comfortable this year; only in the low 80’s without the searing heat to beat the runners into submission.  This is a first.  Every year I’ve run this race, it’s always the hottest evening of the season.  What’s great about this race is that it’s a big community event that is part of a week-long festival atmosphere.  Neighbors living along the race course generously run their sprinklers or hoses, and spectators are always in abundance.  I love running races, but I also enjoy being a spectator sometimes.  

I also spectated at my first bicycle race this week.  The cyclists performed lap after lap in a confined area of the town, while we were able to stand in a common area and watch, watch again, and again….. This race seemed so different from the running races I participate in.  The pace car for one was hilarious!  I’m accustomed to a pace car in a running race to drive maybe 15 mph.  Not in this race.  That pace car came whipping around each corner trying to stay ahead of the lead cyclists.  And apparently, cyclists use their elbows to gain or maintain position at turns.  And scratching (literally) to get into a better position in the pack?  Yikes!  I can’t imagine fellow runners in a race sticking their legs out to trip me just to get a better position on the road.  And although I didn’t witness the crashes, apparently there's a really good reason for the hay bales affixed to the poles along the course.  Go figure.

Lastly, I arrived home last night to see this visitor:

I swear he was trying to solicit business from us – to offer us a great deal on painting the door trim that so obviously needs painting.  Or, he wanted Bella to kiss him so he could become a Prince.  Hard to say.


  1. That bike race sounds a little crazy! Hope your calf/achilles behaves itself for your long run!

  2. Thanks Michelle! I hope to have good things to report.