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Friday, August 5, 2011

The other woman

So we’ve all been there, right?  The moment you decide to try a different hair stylist than the one you’ve been visiting?  Maybe it’s due to cost (at my place, they get pricier as they climb the skill ladder), maybe it’s due to just a need for a change, or maybe she wasn’t available and you find yourself desperate for a foil highlight or a cut that will make you feel less a mess.  As you walk in, however, there she is.  You’ve been busted.  You’re there to see another stylist.  The ultimate sin of hair stylist cheating.  Oh the shame.

And you really can’t hide, since there are mirrors everywhere.  So you pretend to read a magazine so you don’t make eye contact.  And you pray that your chair is as far away as possible to avoid the awkward encounter.  You hope the rat’s nest that are your curls all bunched up in aluminum foil hide you from your old stylist.  You quietly congratulate her on playing her role as “the other woman” very well.  Never making eye contact, she continues on with her new, more loyal clients, as you tip your new stylist and quickly exit.  Lastly, you make a mental note to never take a Thursday evening appointment again…..

Note:  No hair stylists, clients, or split ends were harmed during the posting of this entry.


  1. Uh, oh! Hoping you like your new hairstyle!

  2. I hope so, too! Where I go, if "my" girl isn't there, everyone else is "conveniently" busy. It's safer that way. LOL

  3. That is certainly an uncomfortable situation!!!!

  4. How am I JUST seeing this post- omg, this JUST happened to me last week!