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Friday, August 12, 2011

Welcome back legs!

For a few weeks now, I’ve been having to baby my legs because of a bad combination of increased mileage, speed, and hills all in the same run.  Yeah, I’m brilliant, I know.  The rest, icing, and easing back into running has all helped.  I’ve been patient, though was disappointed to lose my momentum temporarily.

Tonight, after a particularly harrowing week, I had to go for a run.  I have my half-marathon this Sunday and want to make sure my legs remember what to do during the race.  After tonight’s 4 miler, I’m feeling much more confident –

1                 8:54
2                 8:27
3                 8:19
4                 7:47

Overall pace: 8:22

The last mile of my last two runs has been considerably faster.  That’s huge for me, since I tend to fade (even on shorter runs like this) during that last mile.  I’ll keep stretching and try to be smarter moving forward in my training, but for now, can retire my bag of ice….

Good thing, cuz tonight, I had to use it on poor Bella!  During her usual fetching of the Kong, she seems to have pulled something in her front leg.  Poor thing limped into the house, almost dragging that paw!  Dr. Lisa has administered one baby aspirin and a bag of ice.  We’ll see if she can walk on it when she has to; otherwise, she may have to visit the real doctor.  Good thing she doesn’t have a half-marathon this weekend!


  1. Poor Bella!! She has a great mommy!

    Good luck this weekend


  2. Hellloooooo speedster!!!! You're going to ROCK tomorrow!! And feel better Bellz!

  3. Poor pup! Hoping you have a great race!

  4. Thanks Tina :)

    UPDATE: Bella's walking much better today, but we may have to get her into some strength training :)

  5. I struggle to finish fast, but it feels super when I succeed.

    Good Luck with the race