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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Rainbows and puppy dogs

Nice weekend….20 mile long run, sleeping in, long walk with Bella, dinner out with Scott, strawberry lemonade, thunderstorm, pretty rainbow, impromptu neighborhood get-together with steamed clams that were dug up from Essex, MA just this morning - what a treat!

Or for your visual enjoyment….

I love clouds...especially the stormy ones

...and the reward of a rainbow

Bella knows a good thing....
So close....

Please pass the buttah (my best Boston accent for you!)

Not a lot checked off my “to do” list this weekend.  But I'll trade the checkmarks in for a great combination of running, relaxing, and being real.  Oh, and rainbows and puppy dogs too.


  1. Awesome :) And my God I love strawberry lemonade :)

  2. The best part of the strawberry lemonade was that it WASN'T on the menu. Unlike that OTHER place that balked at me for daring to ask about take-out.....