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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Positively Practicing Pace

Got a race in a few days.  You know what that means……time to officially place the memory of my recent ½ marathon (AG win, did I mention??) where it belongs; in my memories.  That race jacked up my confidence and I’m really grateful for it.  But now I’ve got “Cape race #2 out of 3” on the horizon (Race Around the Cape 25K).  Longer distance, tougher course, and a brand new day.  Time to follow Bill Belichick‘s rule and focus on my next race.  What I ran a few weeks ago was just that – a few weeks ago.

I’ve always gone into races with a simple philosophy of running steady and finishing with a smile.  That’s still my core goal.  However, I’m using this next race to help me better manage my goal pace for my marathon.  Based on my training and my last race, I’ve determined that an 8:50 pace should be an attainable goal pace for Cape Cod.  With that said, I’m trying to practice my newly anointed goal pace on shorter runs.  It’s hard!!  Not that I’m super speedy, but you all know, a 5 mile run is very different from a 26.2 mile run.   

Yesterday’s 5 mile splits (focusing on 8:50) –

  1. 8:49    (Not bad..)
  2. 8:36
  3. 8:50    (BINGO!!)
  4. 8:26
  5. 8:30

Pace   8:38

I’ll continue to practice my pace through this next race and the remainder of my marathon training.  And I’m actually kind of excited about it.  After all, it mixes things up by giving me something new to focus on.  I’m as happy with meeting a goal of learning to better manage my pace as I am improving my pace or tackling a new distance (no, I didn’t just commit to a 50 miler…yet), so wish me luck.  I hear 8:50’s are the new 9’s……


  1. You can run 8:50's in your sleep..

    You're very smart - practicing marathon race pace during training will help your body to know exactly what to do in October. Nice job out there :)

  2. Yes, I like to try to run pace miles as well- it does give you something else to focus on at the same time getting your body conditioned for that pace race day. Perhaps I will try some in this morning's 4 mile run that I have on the horizon. Of course, my race pace will be 9:05 right now. Lol:) Of course, a bad couple blisters on two toes and humidity will try to bring me down...but I am trying to psych myself up!!!!

  3. Yeah 8:50s - you are super speedy! Nice run!

  4. Blisters...blech! Humidity...double blech!

  5. Thanks Stacey! I'm looking forward to it.