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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Company cleaning for Irene

Having company?  Stash the laundry….wipe the counters….produce fresh vacuum lines!  What?  They’re not coming?  And after all that “company cleaning”…..

That’s kinda how it feels with Hurricane, now Tropical Storm, Irene.  Many of us prepared for a hurricane we haven’t seen in 20+ years;  storing lawn furniture, pulling in bird feeders, buying 12 loaves of bread…  At least where I am, Hurricane Irene decided not to visit afterall.  And though we did a lot of company cleaning preparing, I am not complaining.

We’ve definitely got heavy rain and some decent wind gusts.  I was outside a little while ago throwing the Kong for Bella (no tropical storm will keep her from playing!).  Don’t you think I didn’t keep one eye on the big pine trees nearby.  In true Lisa style, I had an escape route planned, should it suddenly blow down.  The sound of a branch cracking somewhere in the woods was enough to let me know it was time to go inside.

We’ve also been lucky (thus far) with our power.  There were a couple of “dimming” moments this morning, but at time of this posting, we still have power.  No problem – I have some no-power activities up my sleeve –

  1. Finish the pair of pants I’m hemming (by hand, yes!)
  2. Take a nap – the effects of my 20 miler yesterday is lingering a little today
  3. Read a book
  4. Start my Christmas list
  5. Eat my Hostess cupcakes Scott bought me

I know Scott's dying to take a ride to the beach to watch the waves and check out the area.  He and Bella both look bored.  In fact, he called his sister to check in on her, when I heard him say, “Yeah, I might throw my chainsaw in my truck and drive around to see if anyone needs help”.  Love that guy.  Yet, I’d prefer he stay home and off the twig/leaf/branch littered roads, in case they become tree littered roads at some point. 

Or, maybe he can find some new company to come over, so all my “company cleaning” doesn’t go to waste.  For now, I'll skip to #5 on my no-power-activities list...

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  1. This post actually made me laugh out loud! That's a funny comparison. :)

    New follower.. just found you from SUAR!